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The Value(?) of Credentials: What do they really tell us?

April 19, 2013


Over the past quarter century, North American society  has undergone a profound education creep. This is evident in the fact that more and more students are entering university, but also in my impression of the seemingly endless number of new degree programs and industry certifications that have emerged. While the world is no doubt a […]

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Even the Olympics are Not Immune to Our On-Demand Culture

July 31, 2012

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With each passing day we are moving to a world in which our shared cultural experiences are actually less shared. As others have noted, our multi-channel and multi-site universe has created audience fragmentation. We don’t all watch the same shows, read the same books, or listen to the same music. Yes, major blockbuster shows give […]

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The Stagnation Phase: Evolution of Consumer Confidence

July 19, 2012


There are no shortage of real world indicators of economic performance of an economy and its implications for everyday citizens but sometimes a public opinion measure offers us a clear alternative to hard economic stats. Since 2004, consumer sentiment about the economy has moved through four distinct phases and we are now mired in a period […]

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Science and Public Health: When Messages Cross

November 24, 2011


Public health authorities are in a significant bind when it comes to persuasion. Encouraging people to adopt healthier lifestyles is key to better individual and social outcomes (from less disease to lower costs). Changing behaviour is, however, not easy as evidence from growing obesity rates to continued smoking . A further challenge emerges from the fact […]

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Is the survey you are completing research or customer relationship management?

October 19, 2011


A significant proportion of customer satisfaction surveys out there are not really research surveys, they are just customer engagement exercises masquerading as survey research. We have all had these…. on their face they look like surveys but if one looks closely they appear to be something else. The biggest hint that it is not really […]

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