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Beating a Dead Horse: Election Polling is Flawed

September 8, 2012


Just this week, we got another pseudo apologetic letter about why election polling is sometimes (perhaps even often) inaccurate. This time it was from Peter Loewen (an Assistant Professor of UofT). His article in the Ottawa Citizen is here but, it like many similiar pieces completely misses the point. Pollsters are in a unique an […]

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Laurier Institute Updates Seat Projections for Ontario Election

October 5, 2011

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With polling data indicating that the Liberals have gained voter support (Nanos has the Liberals at 38% in polling over the past three days), the Laurier Institute is now predicting the Liberals are likely to do 7 seats better than the prediction released on Monday. New Projections indicate that the seat distribution will be: Conservative: […]

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