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Generational Replacement Can be Small Part of the Story of Value Change

May 29, 2013


Not too long ago, I wrote about the dramatic change in public opinion about same-sex marriage and our natural tendency is to think of these types of changes as being a reflection, to some degree, of generational replacement. Younger people have different attitudes than the previous generations and over time they become a larger proportion of […]

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An Historic Evolution of Public Opinion: A Look Back at Same-Sex Marriage in Canada

March 12, 2013

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Public opinion change is not unheard of but when it comes to fundamental beliefs and values, we expect change to take place slowly, if at all. The evolution of Canadian beliefs about same-sex marriage provide an interesting example of dramatic changes that both presupposed and reacted to court decisions.  Courts played a key role in […]

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Is Harper Re-making Canada in his own Image?

February 21, 2012


With several months of the Conservative majority in place, we can safely identify the direction on issues which clearly touch on Canadian values and culture. Most prominently, is the “law and order” agenda, much of which seems at odds with expert opinions and science. On other issues (foreign policy; pension reform) he has also staked […]

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